Keep These 12 Spots In Your Kitchen Clean For A Healthier You

Use these tips for a spanking clean kitchen!
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How dirty is your kitchen? Illness-inducing bacteria like E.coli, salmonella and coliform are more common there than you think. In fact, the kitchen is a landmine for these microorganisms, even more so than the  average bathroom (surprisingly!). And it’s no wonder, considering the amount of raw food and people that pass through this popular part of the home.

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It’s a pretty shocking revelation, but there’s no need to panic. We’ve hunted down the most gruesome truths about kitchen germs and an array of solutions to match, to help you beat the bacteria crawling in your cooking zone. Discover the top 12 places in your kitchen that are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria, with ways to combat them:

The Sink

You would think that the cleaning hotspot of the kitchen would actually be the least germ infested zone, right? Wrong! The kitchen sink contains 100,000 more germs than the inside of the toilet, we’re not kidding. No matter how clean it looks, kitchen sinks often play host to a variety of illness-causing bacteria like E.coli and salmonella.

That raw meat juice that you wash off your chopping board and knife is one of the main causes of the build-up of bacteria in the sink drain. These can cling onto the faucet, drain system and surface, and multiply when combined with food waste and water.

What to do: Always clean the sink after rinsing and preparing raw meat and vegetables in it, and spray it down with a disinfectant once a week. A great way to sanitise is to wash a diluted bleach solution down the drain with hot water.

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