5 Celebrity Chefs To Watch On Instagram and Facebook

Stay at home and cook like a chef! Catch your favourite celebrity chefs in action – or sharing their recipes and culinary tips – live on Instagram and Facebook.
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As we all stay home safely in hopes of fighting the Covid-19 pandemic, many are turning to social media to learn new skills. Cooking and baking have emerged tops on the list of new things to learn and start doing at home.

A new trend we’re seeing: Many of our favourite celebrity chefs have taken to Instagram and Facebook to share their recipes and cooking tips. From Sherson Lian to Gordon Ramsay, we can all tune in to watch them cook in their own homes.

If you are a budding home MasterChef, we’ve put together a list of where to catch the renowned chefs in action.

Sherson Lian

Not only does Sherson share his recipes on his Instagram account, he also shares various grocery shopping tips and tricks to help keep your veggies fresh.

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Hey guys, hope korang semua ok di rumah. With the #MCO extend lagi 14 hari, it's fine, let's look out for one another, stay positive, stay healthy & kalau korang dah start bosan, why don't we try belajar one new thing setiap hari? • Here I have my own version of Char Kuey Teow but with a beefy ginger twist! It's so easy to make so try this out & let me know in the comments apa lagi yg korang nak belajar masak ok?👌🏼 • Ingredients: ✔️ Kuey Teow ✔️ Beef Slices / Daging Keping ✔️ Ginger / Halia ✔️ Spring Onions / Daun Bawang ✔️ Garlic / Bawang Putih ✔️ Eggs / Telur ✔️ Sesame Oil / Minyak Bijan ✔️ White Pepper / Lada Putih ✔️ Tapioca Starch / Tepung Ubi Kayu ✔️ Soy Sauce / Sos Soya Cair ✔️ Fish Sauce / Sos Ikan ✔️ Dark Caramel Sauce / Sos Soya Pekat • Music: Early Hours (@iksonofficial) #DudukRumah #StayAtHome #KitaJagaKita #stopcovid19 #QuarantineCooking #ShersonLian #CKT #charkueyteow

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