The 4 Best Malaysian Book Clubs To Join

They help you connect with other book lovers and find new reads.
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Book clubs bring together people who enjoy reading. More specifically, it’s a way to meet others who enjoy the books that you do. And also, to find new reads!

I’m part of an online book club, and through it, I’ve read more — and more widely — than I have in a while. But most importantly, I’ve now found a community to call my own. One with non-fictional people who understand when I fangirl over fictional characters. With people who are there to welcome me back after a trip into fictional worlds.

So, may you also find your tribe in these book clubs!

The KL Book Appreciation Club (KLBAC)


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Possibly the largest in Malaysia, this book club is mostly based online on Facebook and covers multiple genres. There are monthly discussions on pre-selected books, usually around KL, that you can join. Occasionally, the club also hosts gatherings for members to meet and swap books.

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