What I’ve Learnt From Being Home for Two Weeks

When times are challenging, always try to find the lesson in it. Editor-in-chief Eena shares how the MCO has helped her learn some things about life.
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When I find myself feeling overwhelmed or a little down, I talk myself into focusing on the positives and the present moment. This instantly brings me back to viewing things optimistically.

Like everyone else around the world, I have been staying home, where it’s safest. It was challenging to get into the work-from-home mood: learning to balance my schedule, get work done and have rest time. After a few days, this new habit kicked in, and I was glad to have a pretty good daily routine.

Still, I had the urge to rant every day that I was bored; that I needed some face to face contact. But this thought was easily put aside when I read about others who were living in much-worse situations. Who was I to complain at all? I would take a few minutes to reflect on how privileged my situation was and count every single blessing.

We are in uncertain times. Many are losing their source of income, worried about getting sick, or simply just looking for their next meal. This moment in time has truly taught me about looking into our intentions. When we post that picture of our meal, what was our intention? When we commented on a picture on social media, what was our intention? When we shared that piece of news in a Whatsapp chat group, what was our intention?

We all truly do have the best intentions in mind, especially during these hard times. But not everyone will read our intention the way we intended. If it came from a sincere place, you wouldn’t feel the need to react to any outside comments. But lately, I’ve noticed people getting offended, and some having to defend their intentions. This is just hurtful to watch. We need to be supportive of each other. We truly need to care for all. I beg you to take a step back and understand your intentions, before sharing a comment or post. Because this is what matters.

10 Lessons I’ve learnt from staying home for two weeks

  1. Life is simple and can be led with minimal needs.
  2. Stop overthinking, and count your blessings. I am blessed.
  3. Don’t be hard on yourself if you need to take time off and just be emotional. But always remember to be thankful for what you have in the present.
  4. Be kind. Kindness in a moment of hardship has such a strong effect on others.
  5. Be mindful. Being self-aware and acknowledging when things are okay or not okay keeps you grounded.
  6. Spread love and positivity. In group chats, try to be positive and supportive, always.
  7. Give space. Learn to give each other enough space around the house. This is so everyone truly enjoys moments when you do come together, such as meal times.
  8. Help those in need however you can. If you can’t afford to make a donation, share information that can assist those who really need assistance. No need lah to share on social if you’ve made a contribution. Look at your intention. Be sincere.
  9. Stop comparing. Having all this time (for some) to scroll through social media easily gets you into the trap of comparing lives. If you find yourself doing this, take out your journal and write 5 things you are grateful for.
  10. Life goes on. No matter how challenging it is today, life goes on and we will get through this and learn from it. We will be better individuals.
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