We Review SK-II’s Pitera Essence To Find Out If It Really Works!

Meet the star of the Japanese luxury skincare brand and get crystal-clear skin in just a pat, pat, pat.

I’ve always been curious about SK-II’s best-selling Facial Treatment Essence – with many people around me swearing by this cult favourite and hailing it as their go-to for that hydrated glow. My close friends are believers of this ‘Miracle Water’ as well, but I remained skeptical. My lifestyle revolves around working around the computer and occasionally catching myself frowning. Yes, I know that’s an unforgivable sin, with my negligence in curating a skincare routine in my youth resulting in tired and dull skin. Following my friends’ recommendation, in which they claimed the essence helped reverse skin damage, I embarked on a journey to uncover the truth of the famed Facial Treatment Essence.

The Story Behind PITERA™ Essence

Little did you know – PITERA™ was discovered through a chance observation of an old Toji’s (master brewer) youthful-looking hands, which were in stark contrast to his wrinkled face. This led to the creation of the brand’s signature ingredient – PITERATM, which is the key ingredient making up the Facial Treatment Essence.

What You Need To Know About This Star Product

It’s justified to say that SK-II revolutionized the beauty scene with their ‘Miracle Water’. With more than 90% of PITERA™ in the formula, the Facial Treatment Essence offers the purest and most direct, bottle-to-application delivery of PITERA™. Staying unchanged for almost 40 years, the formula has withstood the test of time, and raked a cult following in the process. The main three functions of the Facial Treatment Essence are: retaining the skin’s natural functions, improving barrier function and preventing skin surface damage. Simply put, PITERA™ helps your skin retain hydration, keep pollutants from causing dryness and protects you from environmental damages like UV rays. This trifecta results in crystal clear, radiant, and refined skin.

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My Review Of The SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

My recent skincare routine is as minimal as it gets – basic cleanse, tone and moisturize. I double cleanse on days I have makeup on. My skin is oily around the T-zone, and unfortunately, I have some pigmentation and hormonal acne during the time of the month. That’s why I decided to add the PITERA™ Essence to my routine and put it to the test.

In the morning, I cleansed my face thoroughly, patted it dry and patted on the essence. Surprisingly, my skin felt like it was ‘drinking’ the essence, indicating the possible parched state of my skin. I was glad that the facial essence absorbed quickly and didn’t leave any oily or sticky residue. When I peeped at the mirror, my skin felt hydrated and less dull. Still, I was skeptical as it was the first day, and decided to continue using the essence before reaching a definitive conclusion.

Skincare routines require discipline – I was religious in including the facial essence every morning and night in the next month. It wasn’t long before I noticed the difference. Coupled with a shine-from-within glow and balanced skin tone, my skin looked healthier and my complexion even became less oily throughout the day. The essence also had anti-ageing properties – the fine lines around my eyes seem to have faded, along with my acne scars. Granted, I’ve only been using the Facial Treatment Essence for a few weeks, but there is no denying its effectiveness on my skin.

Now I understand why PITERA™ Essence has amassed such a huge following and is often said to be the best-kept secret behind some celebrity faces. Having had the chance to experience it for myself, I can safely say that its nickname ‘Miracle Water’ holds true, and would definitely recommend adding it to your skincare routines.

Before and after using the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

Before and after using SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

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This review was done in collaboration with SK-II, all opinions are my own.