How I Found The Will to Survive

Our editor-in-chief shares her thoughts on being a survivor and the life lesson she learnt from cover celebrity Neelofa. What does survival mean to you?

In January last year I shared about getting real with myself and facing up to certain issues. As I sit pondering on the best words to pen down for this editor’s note, in this New Year issue, one single thought came to mind – I survived! I began last year with a very unhealthy  lifestyle but I took my pledge to live healthy seriously. I’m now 10kg lighter, and with consistent exercise coupled with a good sleep routine, I can finally honestly and confidently say that I love myself.

What Losing Weight Meant to Me

So in early 2019, I noticed I was getting lethargic and slighly demotivated with work. I thought I had to change something in my life but because I never felt I was overweight, getting fit was never on the list. But I soon realised I could no longer fit into my usual work pants and neither could I sit down in my jeans comfortably. Then a client sent me a picture of me taken at an event and this is when it struck me how much weight I had gained. I went home and weighed myself. Shockingly, I was the 72kg! The last time I was this weight, I was eight months pregnant with my first child. So, I finally accepted my best friend’s invitation to join her at her weekly workout.

One thing’s for sure, I felt challenged yet my mood was instantly better after the workout. This soon became a new habit and I stuck to it throughout the year. I also decided to be mindful of what I ate and started cutting out processed sugar in my diet. I didn’t lose the weight fast, but over time I could see positive changes in my body and mood. I felt more focused and I had more energy. So, for me, losing weight was not about looking slimmer or being skinny, it truly meant just being a healthier more positive me. And I am thankful that I stuck to it and persevered.

About the Her World Jan/Feb 2020 Issue

The focus of this issue is to shine light on being a survivor. If you are struggling with your life, know that you are not alone. Know that we are all surviving but the difference is in how you react to every moment and situation. It won’t be easy during the tougher days, but that does not mean you do not allow yourself enjoy each great moment you are blessed with. I experienced what was probably one of the toughest moments in my life at the end of last year, but I am most grateful for all the support and care those around me have lovingly shown me. From a team that would take my place at events because I could not keep my mind in focus, friends who were always on standby to cheer me up, to family who stood by me,  giving me positive affirmations to weather the storm. As much as we may not want to show people around us our vulnerable side, trust me, being vulnerable and speaking up about it only makes you stronger. Because you’ll learn so much about yourself and the ones who matter in your life.

During the interview session with our cover celebrity, Neelofa, we asked her what being a survivor meant to her. And as I sat listening to her throughout the interview, what I could conclude about her was that she was ever willing to change and grow. Many may think that she seems too fl ighty and indecisive, jumping from one business to having a career as a personality. Fact is, Neelofa is a student of life. She is willing to learn, be challenged and change as and when she sees fit, because it helps her to become a better person. Kudos, Neelofa! I learnt from her that day that I should not worry if I change my mind every now and then, as long as I stay true to who I am and my intentions are sincere.


In the year 2020, as Her World embarks on our 60th year, our passion to share stories of women empowerment which we hope will inspire you remains strong. Our dream is to continue this legacy and be a part of your lives for many more years to come, be it through our print
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What is your legacy?

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