An honest review on the latest beauty treatment for your vagina. Find out why you should make the booking for the Rosebud Vajuvenation.

A facial exclusively for your vulva? Who would have thought that it would even exist but it does! When I first heard about it I admit I was curious to find out how it even worked. Firstly, let me clarify that it is not an internal “facial”, it is an external treatment. Being the “try it at least once” kind of person, I made an appointment at STRIP to try this unique facial.

Since I have had a brazillian wax, I wasn’t so uneasy about showing my private part to the “facial” therapist. I was also advised that the treatment would work better if I was smooth “down there”.

What Is It?

ROSEBUD VAJUVENATION is a state-of-the-art facelift for the Brazilian, or the more fun term, vajacial (a facial for the bikini area). The treatment uses the high-performance Thermal O2 Technology to lift and firm the area so that it is plump, tight and firm, like a beautiful rosebud. It is a non-invasive and non-surgical alternative to labiaplasty with zero downtime. ROSEBUD VAJUVENATION is recommended as a post-wax or post-AFT treatment.

How Does It Work?

Using the cutting-edge Thermal O2 Technology, ROSEBUD VAJUVENATION combines radio frequency, vacuum suction, and heat to firm, plump and provide a blush effect to the labia majora area.

What Are The Results?

The Thermal O2 energy penetrates deep into the dermis layer to heat skin tissue, which contracts the collagen fibres, creating an immediate tightening and lifting effect. This activates the fibroblasts under the skin, producing new collagen and increasing elasticity, resulting in a long-term firming effect. Fine lines and wrinkles around the vulva area are also reduced.

Vacuum suction and heat improve blood and lymph circulation which in turn increases cell metabolism and tissue detoxification. The result – supple skin and a natural blush effect.

What Can I Expect?

During the treatment, a thin layer of cream is applied and the Thermal O2 applicator is rolled over the Brazilian area in a repeated motion. A warm sensation will be felt, similar to that of a warm stone massage. After the treatment, a cooling and hydrating mask is applied to soothe the petals and the area around it.

How Many Vajuvenation Sessions?

The recommended course is eight sessions administered one to two weeks apart, with follow-ups once every three months. Noticeable results can be seen right after the first treatment. Skin will look visibly firmer, lifted, with a blush effect and fine lines are less obvious.

My Honest Review!

If you are curious to know how it felt, well, it did not hurt at all. The treatment was similar to a facial using low intensity vacuum to lift your skin. The therapist would check if the intensity was too strong and caused you discomfort but it was all good for me. Did my V area get a “face lift”? Well, I will be honest, at first glance after the treatment I did see an obvious difference but I do feel with a complete full eight sessions, you would probably get better, clearer obvious results.