How We Are Celebrating Her World’s 60th Anniversary

Editor-in-chief Eena Houzyama guests on Pressing Matters, a podcast on BFM radio to share about Her World's 60th anniversary.

Last week, I was invited to do an interview with BFM radio. It was for their podcast, Pressing Matters. And, with Her World celebrating our 60th anniversary this year, I felt it was a good opportunity. Not just to share how we have evolved over the years, but also what the future holds.

Besides being a good experience, personally, as I’ve never been interviewed on a business radio station, it truly was a proud moment for me to share how Her World is the country’s first-ever English women’s lifestyle magazine. We are privileged to have been to be able to tell so many inspiring and empowering stories of Malaysian women.

Thank you, Shazana, for giving me this opportunity to chat about the joys of being part of Her World Malaysia.

We hope you stay tuned for more updates on our anniversary celebration, because there will be exclusive giveaways coming your way soon!

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