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The people behind who we are and what we do!
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Her World & The Malaysian Women’s Weekly


Editor-In-Chief                                               Eena Houzyama [email protected]

Deputy Editor                                                  Adelina Tan [email protected]

Senior Sub-Editor                                          Aileen Chow [email protected]


Amanda Soh [email protected]

Lorraine Chai [email protected]

Nadhirah Othman [email protected]

Stephanie De Souza [email protected]


Art Director                                                     Ero Wee [email protected]

Graphic Designer                                           Sarah Tai [email protected]


Integrated Marketing & Communications

Director                                                           Shariffah Nadia [email protected]

Manager                                                          Sharmini Krishna Radha [email protected]

Senior Executive                                            Wan Hanis Sophia [email protected]

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