Review: ZERO Feel Bras Really Do Live Up To The Name!

Deputy editor, Adelina, introduces her favourite ways to wear Sloggi's ZERO Feel line of bra tops.

Image: Sloggi

Being on the bustier side, I used to think I’d never be able to wear wireless bras. At least, not without feeling self-conscious and worried about a ‘wardrobe malfunction’. So, the first time I was introduced to Sloggi’s ZERO Feel collection, at a press event in Singapore last year, I was skeptical.

But the brand kindly gave me a set – bra top and matching seamless briefs – to try out. With nothing to lose (and partly to be polite), I changed into them then and there. I wear size EL, which is the largest size available, and my usual cup size is E to F.

To my surprise, the bra top’s extremely elastic 360° stretch material didn’t squish my boobs and create the dreaded ‘uniboob’ effect. This, coupled with the high-retention fabric and smart bonding construction, kept my twin peaks supported and in place. Oh, and the fabric’s made of superfine microfibre, which is the technical word for “oh my gosh this is super soft”! I’ve also come to appreciate how the seamless design makes the bra invisible under figure-hugging clothes.

No visible lines, even under a thin dress during summer in Seoul

With something a little more dressy and formal, in Bangkok

The bra top can also be paired with crop tops

Learning from a Sloggi staff at the event that these characteristics of ZERO Feel make it ideal for travel, it’s my go-to on plane rides, both short and long. Now that I’ve bought a few more, I always pack them for sightseeing on foot, especially in hot weather. So far, they’ve stood up to the humidity of summer in Seoul, and the stifling heat of Bangkok.

I’ve also had the chance to try out S by Sloggi’s ZERO Feel Signature series. This premium bodywear line places emphasis on sophistication that’s beautifully simple, and never once compromising on comfort. In the ZERO Feel Signature collection, this elegance comes through in sultry mesh detailing.

The S by Sloggi ZERO Feel Signature Bra Top features mesh detailing, best showcased with open-back outfits

My favourite way to pair the Signature Bra Top, from this year’s Spring/Summer collection, is with a cutout-back top (or a dress, if you have one). I used to have to pair this top with a singlet underneath, to avoid flashing my bra hooks. The most reassuring bit? When I asked a friend if my boobs looked saggy or weird, when we met up for lunch, her reply was a definite “no”.

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