Best New Gadgets to Add to Your Lifestyle

These two new innovations make skincare and cleaning up easy-peasy!
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There are so many new gadgets making their way into our lifestyle. In the August issue of Her World, we looked at how innovations and gadgets have affected our lives. To the extent that we need to find a good balance in our gadget use, which we also explored in the magazine.

I recently added two new innovations to my life, and must admit that both have made my daily routine so much easier. With so many new gadgets launching every month, it’s almost unbelievable what the latest can do. And I truly understand this, because I wasn’t really keen on adding more gadgets into my life in fear that they would just fall apart.

One of my new gadgets cleans the house, and the other cleans my face. Allow me to share with you what I think of the Foreo Luna 3 and the Dyson V11 Absolute.


Foreo Luna 3

Meet the Luna 3 by Foreo, the facial cleansing gadget that I’ve recently fallen in love with. As much as I love going for facials, my busy schedule limits it to once a month. I’m not always open to reviewing beauty gadgets since I’m often skeptical of their effectiveness. Also, to be frank, I hate remembering to charge gadgets. So when the battery dies, my interest dies down too.

So, when I received the Luna 3 and was briefed on how it would work on my skin — not only for cleansing but also for massaging — I was eager to give it a try. The Foreo rep won me over when she said its battery could last 650 uses on a single charge. And, it works best for those who have not much time for facials. Bingo! That’s me.

Excited to see how good this beauty gadget would be on my skin, I used it that very same night. I also downloaded the app to make sure I had the full experience. With the assistance of the app, I cleansed my face and, later on, went through all the massaging options on the app. I’m happy to share that the app is easy to use and helpful in directing your actions for specific face massage techniques.

Does it work?

I’ve been using the Luna 3 religiously for the past three weeks and I’m so happy with the results! My pores are visibly smaller and my face feels smooth after every wash. And, because my face is clean, my skin is better at absorbing the moisturiser I use!

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