5 Ways to Be Your Authentic Self with Theresa Fowler

Meet the thought shifter who works her magic in helping others change the way they feel and think. Are you ready for a mind shift?

You’ve probably caught yourself thinking repeatedly about something. Your thoughts keep circling the issue, and you get lost in your emotions. And when you get tired, you wish you knew how to stop the counter-productive loop and focus on thoughts that make you a better person. When I received an invitation to meet Theresa Fowler, the ‘Thought Shifter’, I was curious to understand why she described herself as such and what her coaching style is all about.

As I walked into the Harper’s BAZAAR Pink Project pop-up store where the interview would be held, I saw Theresa chatting with Natasha Kraal, editor-in-chief of Harper’s BAZAAR Malaysia. One thing that struck me was the aura of joy that Theresa had as she smiled and greeted me. I knew instantly that our time together would be interesting.

Having read all about her on her website The Thought Shifter, I felt like I recognised so much of her journey within myself. And I had felt so connected to her story. After the brief workshop where Theresa shared tips on how we could shift our thoughts and stay focused on our present moment, I became more intrigued by her values.

Shifting Our Thoughts

Eena: Can you share with me the meaning behind the term ‘Thought Shifter’?

Theresa: I was working with business coaches about three years ago. It actually came from a client.

Thoughts are fleeting, just like emotions. But people kind of like getting stuck to their thoughts. I’m here to help people shift their thoughts, so that they serve themselves better rather than self-sabotaging themselves.

E: I’ve noticed women often overthink matters, especially in relationships. What advice do you have for women to not lose themselves?

T: (It’s) funny that you ask that. The reason I became the Thought Shifter is because after my last relationship, I promised myself that never again will I lose myself in a relationship. I’ve done it three times in my life, so never again. And since then, I haven’t had a relationship. However, I do know now from experience that this person has to accept me completely and totally. Sometimes women don’t just overthink; it’s giving away their power, completely. Definitely have some time for you. Make sure you’re looking out for yourself first. As for the overthinking, yoga or breath work helps. Take a moment and step back, to breathe and not get caught up in it and allow it to drive you insane.

E: On your website you mention about 5D.

T: The more I have stood in my power, and felt my power, the more I’ve realised that we are souls having human experiences. Initially my logical brain did not want to believe this, but my energetic soul knew that this was real. When I became a reflexologist, five to six years into practice, I realised I had been practicing intuitively but didn’t understand why. I knew people were feeling better and coming back for more. I didn’t quite understand the mechanics of it, but I just allowed myself to do it. And then I realised I was channeling source energy because it wasn’t ‘me’ that was doing it. Then, I started reading people’s emotions through their feet. Understanding that being in the seat of my soul power – your soul knows everything.

The chakras are energy systems in ancient Indian philosophy. Yoga is based on the chakras. You have seven chakras, starting from the root to the crown of your head, in this physical body and they correspond to the colours of the rainbow. Everything’s connected. When people share about the Kundalini awakening, it’s about the chakras activating. So this also happened and I was feeling things that I couldn’t explain with my human brain, but which I knew were real. And from my own study and experience following different people on YouTube, I realised it wasn’t just me. We humans are now in the third dimension, which is living from the brain. The fourth dimension is activating our throat chakras – especially women, because we tend to hold back and not say what we mean. Living in the fifth dimension to me is when we find the balance in humanity to operate from our heart. More and more people are waking up to realise that living from the heart will bring a better world for all of us.  Anyone living in self-love doesn’t want to hurt anybody else.

E: I love that you use the term ‘play’. If I understood correctly, you explain that it’s about playing with your past to overcome issues.  Why play?

T: We forget how to play, because we’re told to be adults and follow rules and be serious. When we drop back into having fun and playing and doing things that we enjoyed doing; even if it was scribbling or painting, even if its something creative that gives you joy. When you are living from a state of joy, everything feels better. Shadow work, which Carl Jung made popular; many ‘gurus’ are still using shadow work as a technique. But when you use the word work, it gives you a heavy feeling unlike when you say play. So for example, shadow work is finding the demons of the past, confronting them and fighting them; all that heaviness is just a life-long battle. When you say,”Shadow can you come out and play?” Yes it can be a bit scary at first. Then you say, “Hello shadow, okay you’re a part of me, let’s play. Can we be friends at least?” and embrace them with love then they aren’t going to attack you and you won’t feel on the defensive to attack them (shadows).

E: I do realise that anything that involves shifting of thoughts does require alot of discipline…

T: It does take discipline, but it doesn’t have to be hard work. It takes practice to make it work. Even when I work with my clients, the shadow play process only takes about 30 days. That’s not a lot, and I take 15 to 20 minutes a day. You can find enough discipline to do it 15 to 20 minutes a day for 30 days.

E: You’ve had a challenging past. Could you share ways women can stay true to themselves when faced with a challenging situation?

T: Definitely find a safe space for you. Some people will say, “Ohhh I don’t even have five minutes to breathe”. Even if it means you have to lock yourself in the toilet just to get some space, find that space. Because when you’re in a toxic situation, you need to find a safe space. Use that opportunity to do the emotional freedom technique which you can find on the internet. Tapping and breathe work works.

Number 2, find someone you trust to talk to. Because just offloading it makes you feel a bit better and  more rationale, as when you’re stuck in that situation, it’s so difficult for you to even think clearly. So, find somebody you trust to unload to.

Number 3, go for a walk and be in nature. Watch little kids in the playground; something to uplift you. Another one for me is YouTube videos of babies eating lemons (laughs). It will help to raise your vibration just a little bit; just to feel good. Something to take your mind off the situation and bring some light into your heart.

E: But to me this sounds more like a distraction, rather than finding a solution?

T: It is a distraction more than a solution, but if you really want a solution to getting out of a state like that, you have to get out of the state. Which is scary as hell, but you have to get out. And your body will be telling you as well, it will literally tell you. I know.

E: What do you think the body says?

T: Your body will physically tell you. Your heart will feel really heavy and closed. Your digestion will be all over the place. Your hormones will be off, your cells will feel like everything is constricted and closed down. And in a way that’s a self-protection mechanism. Because it’s a sign you’re in pain. So, you have to change the environment.