Your Guide to Meditation If You’re Just Starting Out

Use this step-by-step guide if you're new to meditation.
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Meditation Problem: I don’t feel anything special.

Why it happens Your preconceived notions about what meditation is may be getting in your way.

How to work with it: Aim simply for increased awareness of your breath. Try to avoid unrealistic expectations that something monumental is going to occur. Bodian says, “In some ways, meditation is like building muscle. The repetitions with weights are not exactly exciting, but you know the ultimate goal is valuable.”

When all else fails, “remember to have patience with yourself,” says Salzberg.

Your experience of meditation is very personal. For some people, it is simply becoming aware of the thoughts that have always raced through their minds. For others, meditating is a feeling of intense concentration, and for others, it is a deeply relaxed yet highly alert state. The truth is, each meditator probably gets a taste of each of these states-and many others-in the course of a session.

The bottom line? No matter what you are feeling, you simply can’t do it wrong.

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