What Joining A Walking Group Can Do For Your Health

Walking with friends is better than walking by yourself.

You may think of walking groups as a pastime for, let’s just say, a different generation. But that doesn’t mean they should be off your radar altogether.

Walking groups provide a wide range of both physical and mental health perks for people of all ages, says a meta-study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. The researchers analyzed 42 studies and found that study participants who engaged in outdoor walking groups saw significant improvements in blood pressure, resting heart rate, body fat, BMI percentages, and lung function. Social walkers were also significantly less depressed, which makes sense considering all we know about the mental health benefits of exercise.

And, hey, there’s something to be said for group support, which has been shown to help you stick to your weight-loss and fitness goals, while providing therapeutic benefits.

The moral of the story? Grab a couple friends, and walk it out while you talk it out!

Before you go walking, make sure you’re wearing the right shoe. A great walking shoe will be able to:

  • Keep you comfortable
  • Support your foot
  • Absorb impact well
  • Keep you a happy walker

Hush Puppies’ Bounce™ makes your walking experience COMFORTABLE and STYLISH

And, it gets better with every step!

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Did you know?

After 250,000 steps, the Bounce compound retained 97% of its cushioning, versus the standard EVA compound that retained only 25%.


The Hush Puppies Bounce™ Collection is available in casual, sport-chic styles like the Hush Puppies Heath & Sabine or Bounce Max as well as in dressy designs like Expert Knit, which you can wear for that corporate brainstorming session.

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