What Does Your Period Colour Say About Your Health?

The different shades of red tell a different story.
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Gray-ish discharge could signal an early miscarriage, which happens more often than people realize, Dr. Carcamo says. UC Davis Health estimates 10 to 20 percent of women who find out they’re pregnant will have an early miscarriage, usually within the first 10 weeks. If your period suddenly gets really heavy and grayish or if it seems like you’re passing thick tissue, visit a doctor. You don’t necessarily need to head to the emergency room-ERs are not great places to get gynecology care, Dr. Carcamo says-but plan to visit your usual ob-gyn ASAP.

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Bottom line: Keep an eye on your period, and if anything seems off, there’s a good chance you’re right, Dr. Carcamo says. Do your ob-gyn a solid and note these changes, paying attention to when your period starts, how long it lasts, and what colors you see. Bring this info to your gyno appointment to get a jump start on figuring out the real issue.

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