What Does Your Period Colour Say About Your Health?

The different shades of red tell a different story.
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Even if you can’t count on your period to arrive at the same time each month, it’s probably pretty consistent when it comes to color, with a few exceptions. “We’re very complicated as women, and a lot of things can make your period change,” says Karen Carcamo, M.D., M.P.H., an ob-gyn with the┬áInstitute for Women’s Health┬áin San Antonio. Pay attention to those changes. “If it’s changed from your baseline, that’s probably something you need to tell your doctor,” she says.

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Here, explore the many colours of your period-and what each might indicate about what else is going on.

Cranberry Red

Your period kicks off when your uterine lining sheds, Dr. Carcamo says. Normally, when your flow gets into its groove and is at its heaviest, it will be bright red, which means the lining is shedding normally and the blood is flushing through your system quickly.

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