The Best Smartwatch To Match Your Workout Habits

There's something for every kind of workout personality.
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For regular runners: Garmin Forerunner 245 Music, RM1,665fitness smartwatches

Photo: Garmin

A running watch is one of the best investments any runner can make. The newest member of Garmin’s popular Forerunner series doesn’t disappoint with its accuracy in distance, route and pace tracking. This button-only watch means it will work well even with sweaty fingers (no frantic swiping or tapping), and you can leave your clunky phone at home while monitoring your route and listening to your Spotify playlist, thanks to its GPS tracking and music streaming features. More importantly, it offers the most comprehensive running metrics that go beyond cadence and stride length. It even tells you if the intensity of your runs have been enough to improve endurance. If not, downloadable training plans are available to help you meet your running goals.

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