SHAPE Tries: We Can’t Fault Foreo’s Luna Mini 3’s Efficiency

An upgrade to your cleansing game.

I've been coveting over a Foreo cleansing device for the longest time ever since I've had a chance to try it on my skin during a beauty fair. So, naturally, when it finally landed on my desk in the shape of the recently launched Luna Mini 3, I couldn't wait to add it to my skincare routine. What more, this one is designed specifically for post-gym cleansing. In other words, for anyone who's leading an active lifestyle. So, it is just perfect to scrub away all that oil and grime after a run in an urban park, or a hike in my neighbourhood forestland.

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What I really think about it

There’s a lot to love about this product. I’m loving the colour, touch and feel of Luna Mini 3. It’s just the right size, fits my hand and face perfectly, and I can carry it with me wherever I go because it’s really light. I also love how my skin feels so much cleaner, brighter and softer immediately after cleansing, all set for my moisturizer to seep deep into the skin and work wonders. The device is also easy to care for, and the silicone touchpoints don’t discolour with usage – that’s after me testing it for over a month. And, I’ve only charged it once since I got it, and it’s still running without needing a second charge. There’s the 30 second Glow Boost mode, which literally cleans and gives me that glow. Additionally, if I’ve misplaced it, though it’s never happened to me, I can locate it using the ‘Find My LUNA’ feature. So, there is absolutely no questions about its efficiency at all from my end.

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However, I do find it a little troublesome when I can only adjust the intensity of the pulsation via the app on the phone. I like changing up the intensity on my chin and jaw line as compared to the rest of my face, but in order for me to do that, I will need to get to my phone. Now, it gets messy when my hands are all wet in the midst of a cleanse. Additionally, since I do consider face cleansing as part of my selfcare routine, I’d prefer if the device isn’t so connected to my phone that I’m unable to disengage from technology when I’m in the washroom, indulging in some intimate me-time. This could have been fixed if there was a button to increase and decrease the intensity of pulsation on the device itself.

Cost wise, it retails at RM735, and is quite a splurge at that price. If you cleanse your face in this way daily, it is money well-spent indeed!

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