How To Use Coconut Oil as a Lube

This tropical oil is multi-purpose, too!
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These days, people are using coconut oil for everything: sautéing veggies, moisturizing their skin and hair, and even whitening their teeth. But gynecologists are the latest to notice another use: Many women are stashing the pantry staple in their bedside table, too-using it as lube, says Dr. Jennifer Gunter, an ob-gyn at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in San Francisco. “I’ve had patients asking about it.”


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Is it safe to use coconut oil as lube?

There haven’t been any studies looking at the safety of coconut oil as a lubricant, she explains. “So far it seems safe-I haven’t had any patients report any negative side effects.” Plus, it’s natural, preservative free, and affordable compared with traditional lubricants you find at the drugstore.

“In my practice, many women who experience vaginal dryness, have chemical sensitivities, or vulvar sensitivities report really liking it,” Gunter says. An added bonus: Coconut oil contains natural antifungal properties so it could help reduce the risk of infections when using it. But still be sure to wipe it off after sex, as usual, and certainly don’t douche-ever.

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