How to Keep Your Home Clean and Healthy During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Here's how to stay healthy, clean, and calm while you wait it out.
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Don’t freak out: The coronavirus is not the apocalypse. That said, we should stay home as much as possible during this Movement Control Order, and experts say that’s not a bad idea. Kristine Arthur, M.D., an internist at MemorialCare Medical Group in Laguna Woods, CA, says avoidance is one of your best options amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Staying home and avoiding social interactions is a big ask for everyone, but it’s worth it. Limiting social interactions—a measure also recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), particularly in areas where the spread of the coronavirus has been confirmed—can make a big difference in stopping COVID-19 transmission, says Daniel Zimmerman, Ph.D., senior vice president of research of cellular immunology at biotechnology company CEL-SCI Corporation.

So, now that you find yourself quarantined at home amid the coronavirus outbreak, here’s how to stay healthy, clean, and calm while you wait it out.

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