Fit People: 8 Life Lessons We Learnt From Gymnast Farah Ann Hadi

Farah Ann talks about her training to motivation and hobbies.
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National artistic gymnast Farah Ann Hadi is ecstatic about her qualification for next year’s Tokyo Olympics. It has been her lifelong dream to compete at the Olympics, so the 25-year-old athlete is, admittedly, not stressed over it yet, as she’s still processing this chance to the summer games.


Farah Ann is only the third Malaysian gymnast to join in the Olympics. She made the cut by finishing 16th out of 20 qualifiers in the qualifying session at the World Championships in Germany on 5 Oct 2019.

We got in touch with her to talk about her life as an athlete in training, and she told us about her day-to-day training, mental preparation and her strongest supporters in her journey to Tokyo 2020. Here are 8 lessons we learnt from Farah Ann which applies to people from all walks of life.

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Consistency Is Key To Success, No Less

“I am a full time athlete. My day consists of rising up early, having breakfast and going for my morning training in the gym which is basically weights and cardio training. Then, I have a physio or recovery session. I have lunch and a short nap. At 3pm, I go for my second training session, which is in the gymnastics gym. It usually goes from 3pm to 7pm, followed by another recovery session which may include an ice bath. Then, it’s home and dinner. I watch a show on TV and it’s time for bed.  That’s my daily life.”

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