6 Facts You Should Know About Your Vagina

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If you’re already giggling as you read this, you’re probably not alone. It’s one thing we’re often too embarrassed to talk about, except maybe with our gynaecologist and closest friends. But now, a new book called V is for Vagina unabashedly uncovers all there is to know about the almighty vajayjay. We talked with one of the book’s authors, Dr. Alyssa Dweck, to find out six things you don’t know about your vagina… but should!

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You Don’t Need to Douche

The vagina is self-cleaning so resist the urge to douche. “The truth is our bodies naturally possess a delicate balance of yeast and bacteria aimed at keeping our vaginas in tip-top condition,” Dr. Dweck says. “In fact, too much cleaning and seemingly ‘helpful’ hygiene products can actually cause itching and irritation by disrupting our natural balance of bacteria.” That said, any odors or discharge coming from your vagina is directly related to your lifestyle, weight, and diet. Remember, some vaginal discharge is normal; foul odor, copious discharge, or persistent itching or irritation should prompt a visit to the gyno.

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