5 Must-Visit Destinations At Australia’s Golden Outback

Head here if you're in need of a big dose of nature.
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In need of a big dose of nature? The Golden Outback in Perth, Australia is the perfect place. Home to white beaches and technicolour fields filled with wildflowers, you can be guaranteed an amazing experience during your trip to this wonder of nature. A short 5.5-hour flight from Malaysia, you can rent a car right at the Perth airport and begin your adventure to these top spots along your drive to explore the Golden Outback.

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Spend an afternoon exploring Wave Rock

Couple viewing the unique Wave Rock, located near Hyden

Beginning from Perth, enjoy a four-hour scenic drive admiring the greenery of picturesque rolling farmlands to wide vistas of wheat and canola fields to the Wheatbelt town of Hyden. Over 2,700 million years in the making, Wave Rock rises 15 metres above the outback plain and is interestingly, one of Australia’s biggest waves that is located the furthest away from any ocean.  This 110-metre long multi-coloured granite cliff is shaped remarkably like a huge wave that is about to crash, making it a popular photo spot among tourists. Pose on the rock face and “surf” the giant wave or see it from a different perspective by walking along the trails around the base and over the top.

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