10 YouTube Accounts to Follow for the Best Workout Videos

Fitness doesn't have to be expensive, just effective. These best workout videos are (free!) proof.

Fitness doesn’t have to be expensive, just effective. These best workout videos are (free!) proof.

Joanna Soh

Joanna brings a personal trainer sesh to your living room via her best workout videos. The fitness pro provides kickass circuits that burn 400+ calories, strength challenges that call for 1,000 squats and lunges, and more. Your leg muscles are going to be on fire from these exercise videos…in the very best way.

Mike Donavanik

With just enough tough love in his YouTube videos, celebrity trainer Mike Donavanik is basically going to be your virtual sweat BFF. His butt-kicking best workout videos range from kettlebells to kickboxing. You’ll love how he maximizes every minute—without being too harsh or too peppy “rah-rah.” (You can often hear him huffing and puffing alongside you!)


Crunched for time? Give MadFit’s best workout videos a look. Many of the dozens of exercise video options that target your abs, butt, and arms are just 10 to 15 minutes long—you can always sneak in a workout! (Have 5 more minutes? This 20-minute HIIT tempo routine plays with speed in an insanely cool way.)

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CAN I BUILD MUSCLE AT HOME? 💪🏼 Absolutely! I’ve been exclusively doing home workouts now for almost 2 years. Right now, I feel (and look) the strongest I’ve ever been! It’s amazing what home workouts and a good diet can do 🙌🏼 I know this is a super crazy time in the world and many of you are stuck inside your homes 🏠 Please remember to take care of yourself during this unsettling time! Fuel up on good food, get proper rest, DESTRESS, and move your body! 💦 Don’t fret if your gym is closed… I’ve got a whole library of workouts to choose from over on YouTube that you can do at home! Sending you all lots of love ❤️ . . . . . #buildmuscleathome #workoutathome #homeworkout #homeworkouts #quarantine #madfit #madfitworkout #athomeworkouts #athomeworkout #workoutfromhome #gymisclosed #fitgirls #fitgirl #tonedtummy #sixpack #abs #abworkout #workoutroutine #homeworkoutroutine #homeworkoutresults #leggings #purpleleggings

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Love Pilates but hate the old-school DVDs? Cassey Ho of Blogilates offers short, free Pilates exercise videos that can either be done alone to target specific muscle groups or strung together to make a full-body workout. Her fun yet professional attitude and massive library of the best workout videos have earned her more than 4.5 million(!) YouTube subscribers.

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You wanna hear the truth? The truth is – to have something you’ve never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done. You can name as many excuses as you’d like, but the reality is, the one thing you’ve been avoiding is probably the thing that’s going to change everything. . One of the ways I’ve maintained my 90 day journey results is by keeping a consistent workout schedule. Do you have a weekly plan in place? If not – you need one. . If you are confused about how to pair my 100s and 100s of workouts in a way that will benefit your muscles the most, then I want you to text me at 510-692-4556 and I’ll text you a very specific workout schedule that I’ve been writing out for March. This only works for US & Canada right now, so if you’re outside of those countries, sign up for my newsletter at Blogilates.com (scroll to bottom). . Also – doing a $500 @popflex_active giveaway for those who are joining in on the March workout calendar! . 2 chances to enter: . 1️⃣ Text me at 510-692-4556 for a chance to win a $250 gift card 2️⃣ Sign up for my newsletter at Blogilates.com for a chance to win a $250 gift card . I’ll pick 2 winners on March 1st! You can be any age, from anywhere! Go!! #blogilates

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Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith makes the list of best workout videos on YouTube because the perky fitness pro promises “no crazy exercises, revealing outfits, or negative energy here—just common sense fitness, advice, and support from a certified wellness coach, trainer, and instructor with almost 20 years of experience…and my sidekick, Peanut the French bulldog.” You can find anything from yoga videos to strength training workouts you can do at home on her channel

alo Yoga

Stretch out all the kinks from the other best workout videos using this zen YouTube channel from the apparel brand alo Yoga. Don’t worry: They’re not trying to sell you on anything during their functional flow or the seven days of gratitude—except for, you know, flexibility and inner peace.

CrossFit HQ

For a WOD without the wait, build your own CrossFit routine with a mash-up of moves from the CrossFit HQ YouTube channel. The form demos and at-home workout ideas will keep your muscles stoked—even without stepping foot into a box. They also feature post-workout protein-rich recipes to help you refuel after these exercise videos.

at home workout

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Fightmaster Yoga

With a last name like Fightmaster, you better believe Lesley knows how to deliver an effective workout. She’s a certified yoga instructor—with an incredibly soothing voice, BTW—and uploads a new video every Monday, so there’s no such thing as a stale yoga routine on her Fightmaster Yoga exercise video channel. We especially love her choose-your-adventure approach to the practice. Short on time? Go for the 13-minute quickie exercise video. Want to build strength and flexibility? Try this 38-minute routine. (For these exercise videos or otherwise, see how to make yoga a more challenging workout.)

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Today is day 6 of our 30-day Hatha Yoga Joy program. It’s absolutely not too late to begin!! 💖 This year, you’ll find a variety of yoga videos, including 10-minute morning yoga, 20-min fun, full body stretches, 30-min yoga body workouts to get ur glow on, 45-minute Hatha Yoga to magically feel your best, one-hour Ashtanga inspired vinyasa – the original “hot/power” yoga, 15-min guided meditations, and one-hour Yin Yoga – slow down and recharge. Plus, this year, join the entire written program with special “homework” assignments based on ways to increase your level of joy. ✨🥰 The videos are uploaded daily at Fightmaster Yoga on YouTube, but the special homework is only available on MyYogaPal. If you’re not already a member, you can try it for 7 days for just $1.00🤗 This is only available until the end of January, so don’t wait! While you’re in MyYogaPal, check out our transformational 90-day programs: (Thrive, Ignite and Shine). Turn gratitude into an action at gratitude corner, practice 7-days of Chakra balancing, daily guided meditations, and go through the 11-day Align course to ensure you’re practicing safely at home. Meet and greet over 1,000 Fightmaster Yogis from around the world in our community section. Next, scroll through over 250 yoga videos from our YouTube channel, ad-free, including all of our past January programs. Practice as many classes as you like, then grab a pen and your journal for written work! 🤗 I can’t wait to see you inside. The link for your $1 trial is in my IG description. 💕✨ #hathayogajoy #fightmasteryoga #30daysofyoga #yogajourney #yogalove #yogatransformation

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BodyFit by Amy

Amy Kiser Schemper, a Los Angeles–based trainer, proves on her BodyFit by Amy exercise video page that super-effective workouts don’t need to suck up hours of your day. Take this 30-minute Tabata video, for example. After a warm-up, you’ll work through high-energy circuits that will make you start sweating fast. Her best workout videos run the fitness gamut from 10 minutes to 45 and from total-body to workouts targeting specific areas like the abs or obliques. She’s even got a series of BabyFit videos for new moms like Kiser Schemper herself (and like this totally relatable new mama who’s dishing about a day in the life.)


Three fitness superstars, Rebecca-Louise Smith, Kelsey Lee, and Cynthia Dallas, take turns hosting exercise videos on XHitDaily. And they’re clearing doing something right—the channel has more than 3.2 million subscribers. Some of their best workout videos focus on cardio, some target trouble areas like the butt or abs, and others push you to work out like a Victoria’s Secret model (now if only we could be gym buddies with Alessandra Ambrosio…). No matter which you choose, expect to sweat. This cardio video will leave you out of breath in seconds—but then you’ll be done with your workout for the day just 10 minutes later.