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What’s Your Tea?

Dilmah Tea Facts:


Chamomile tea is made for a relaxing day to unwind and relax, or to sleep better at night.


This tea is perfect for you if you’re also addicted to coffee, especially at night. We all know how much coffee generally keep us up at night! Chamomile tea is proven to help reduce stress so you can relax after a long day.


Just smelling it is relaxing!




The Ginger and Honey flavoured black tea from Dilmah Tea is aromatic with a prominent honey note that is tempered with a slight spiciness from the ginger. It is a fragrant and lively tea to help soothe coughs, sore throats and inflammation!


Not only has it been known to be the go-to tea for sore throats and colds, it is also proven to be a great aid to improve your digestive system.




The Moroccan Mint Green Tea is a refreshing green tea with natural mint leaves and is a wholly natural fusion of flavours. With a medium caffeine level, this moroccan mint green tea is able to give you a sugar boost that you need to help reduce your cravings for caffeine. It’s also a great company on a cold night!


What’s more, this tea helps soothe upset stomachs. The cooling effects from the mint leaves can aid in improving digestive systems and it may also reduce fever and nausea.



Earl Grey tea contains antioxidants with high levels of catechin or phenolic compounds that are good for our teeth to fight oral infections. They are also good for our digestive system and help with weight loss.


The flavours of the Earl Grey Tea is full bodied yet aromatic with hints of citrus and a lingering sweet floral note that makes it majestic!




These are just some of the many benefits of tea…And at Dilmah Tea they believe in sharing!

Pssst…in case you’re wondering, Dilmah Tea has a wide range of tea flavours and variants to suit your every mood, day, and weather! You can find these affordable premium Ceylon Tea brand at your nearest Jaya Grocer, Giant, Aeon Big, Aeon, Cold Storage, Village Grocer and Mydin outlets!
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