You Need This Vital Nutrient In Your Diet

A healthy digestive system starts with getting enough enzymes into your body.
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You often hear of enzymes, but what are they, really? Enzymes are a type of protein, and biological catalysts which help to speed up billions of chemical reactors that happen in your body every day. In short, your bodily functions can be interrupted, and you may not be getting the best out of the food you eat (nutrition absorption) without enough digestive enzymes.  Although your body naturally produces enzymes, the production decreases with age. Coupled with other stress factors, the enzyme depletion process continues unabated.

How many of us actually eat a perfectly balanced diet?

What causes enzyme depletion in our bodies?

Lifestyle: A stressful and hectic lifestyle deplete more enzymes without giving time for our bodies to regenerate worn out, damaged cells and tissues, or to keep our bodies strong.

Poor/imbalanced diet: Cooking and processing destroy enzymes in food. Canned food, fast food and processed foods do not contain enzymes. And, if you eat like this regularly, you may not be getting enough enzymes to function optimally.

Contaminants & additives: In order for our bodies to react to the additional contaminants in polluted air, water, additives and pesticide-contaminated food, your body speeds up its enzyme use, eventually leading to enzyme exhaustion. You’re running out of it!

Chronic diseases: A person with compromised health conditions, who also takes antibiotics often, will require more enzymes to fight against illness and maintain healthy bodily functions.

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