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Guide: How to enjoy your visit throughout the journey?


To begin your auspicious journey, upon arriving at Sunway Lagoon, find and touch the Rat Zodiac Statue at the main entrance for the luck to always place #1 in 2020 (just like the rat in winning the Heavenly Gates Race). Next, have some cheesy fun and head up to the Huat Cheese Mountain to make a wish by tossing your coin into the mountain’s cheese hole. Receive one gold chocolate bar for every coin thrown! As for all the single ladies and gentleman, make a wish for true romance in 2020 by holding the orange and throwing it into the Wishing Love Pond. May it come true!


For those superstitious few who prefer forecasted fortunes, get the chance to have your 2020 ‘fortune’ foretold at the Fortune Chest! Easy peasy… just choose a number from the bowl of fate and open the matched numbered chest to see what lies there for you! Last but not least, stop by the Lucky Tree and pluck an Ang Pau packet to see what gift you’ve received! You may even win Huawei merchandise.


During the Chinese New Year celebration, the Surf Beach will be packed full of fun-filled activities, especially for the little ones. Look forward to Rat Race Animal Kingdom, CNY Chapteh and CNY Sand Art. Besides that, expect a myriad of initiatives and festivities such as Insta-sational Meet & Greet sessions with Captain Quack & Friends in Chinese New Year kung fu overlays and much more!

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