Daily Giveaway – July 30, 2018

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Lost World Of Tambun (LWOT) has launched its latest attraction, ‘Luminous Forest’ – an enchanting landmark transformed into an extraordinary luminous landscape where trees come to life and creatures of the night come out to play in the soft glow of the night, evoking a childlike sense of joy and wonder in those who explore it.

Marvel at the intricate details of the mythical gardens and spellbinding woodlands at Luminous Forest set amidst nature. Begin the mystifying journey into Luminous Forest by stepping onto the Bridge of Luminosa that floats on the Swan Lake, which transports one from the normal realm into the magical forest.

Luminous Forest was created to spark our guests’ imagination of what lies within this undiscovered otherworldly realm, drifting them into a whimsical excursion through a luminous journey in Lost World Of Tambun’s natural terrains. It will reveal pockets of illuminated magic, unusual species and other incredible sights. Expect an unforgettable and enthralling cruise into Luminous Forest as the night unfolds in astonishing ways.

Luminous Forest is the newest addition at Lost World Of Tambun’s Lost World Hot Springs Night Park, adding to the existing Lost World Hot Springs & Spa By Night and Lost World Petting Zoo By Night attractions. For more details on Lost World Of Tambun, visit www.sunwaylostworldoftambun.com

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