Soothe The Pain

Has nursing your baby left you sore? Let Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Nursing Butter ease the pain and make you feel better.

When it comes to nursing your newborn, it is recommended that mums breastfeed babies for the first six months as it provides the ideal nutrition for your bub. It also allows new mothers to form a closer bond with the new baby.


When you first attempt to nurse your newborn, you may think that since mothers have been doing this for centuries, how hard can it be?

However, for some, this may not come as naturally. Breastfeeding can be more challenging than one might expect, especially when it involves both physical and emotional factors.

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Breastfeeding Challenges

Breastfeeding should not hurt when it is done correctly, but it can cause pain if something is wrong. About three to seven days into breastfeeding, sore nipples are the most common complaint. It happens because the baby is not well positioned or has not latched properly.

Experiencing tenderness during the first few days is relatively common, but any pain that is more than mild should not be ignored.

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