Preserving Cultural Heritage With This Audio Book For Kids

Check out the Tepuk Amai Amai audio book.

Studies have shown that the learning of children’s songs is positively connected with young children’s overall development. This is because children’s babbling consists of intonation as well as melody; therefore, when children are exposed to children’s songs from a really young age, their musical abilities improve from imitating patterns of intonation in the linguistic structure to reproducing these songs. This, in turn, encourages creativity, and allows them to improve their listening abilities, on top of enhancing their vocabulary and grammar.

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Children’s childhood experience is rapidly changing though. As digital babysitting emerges and children spend more time in front of screens, many of these older narratives are in decline. It’s time to reclaim our shared history, and let children experience, enjoy, and learn from songs that we as parents know and love so well, whilst at the same time embracing cultural understanding and appreciation with the coming generations.

The Tepuk Amai-Amai audio book is created with that in mind. With a collection of a seven  popular Malay folk songs including Tepuk Amai-Amai, Jong-Jong Inai, Bintang Kecil, Dua Mata Saya, Enjit-Enjit Semut, Suriram and Wau Bulan, these songs hope to spark the imagination of every Malaysian child in the digital age.

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The book incorporates interactive elements to enhance and create a more memorable learning experience. Besides the conventional push-and-play button for pre-recorded songs, the book also features a ‘record’ button to record parents’ and childrens’ singing, and a playback button to listen to the recording – allowing parent-child interaction even when the parents are occupied.

The creative and vibrant illustrations from cover-to-cover serve as further attraction and stimulation for children. Within each visual representation exists opportunities for children to develop and grow their own story telling and exploration skills. Through the visual experience, distinct messages about folktales can be conveyed clearly to children’s minds. Likewise, these can be creatively developed to go further than the folktale. Award-winning illustrator, Aditya turned his hand to bring these stories to life for the enjoyment of all.

Additional to Tepuk Amai-Amai, the publishers have also developed another learning resource to help develop childrens’ multi-cultural language development. The Press-and-Learn English Malay Chinese Words book steps young children (and others) through pictures and sounds of common items that they would experience in their first years of language learning. Allowing children to identify the item or object, be it ‘things at home’, ‘zoo animals’, ‘colours and shapes’, and many more, they can then hear, learn and practice each word in English, Malay, and Chinese.

Both Tepuk Amai-Amai Sing-and-Record Fun Book and the Press-and-Learn English Malay Chinese Words Book can be purchased at most major bookstores, or via online at Tepuk Amai-Amai is priced at RM79.00 and Press-and-Learn English Malay Chinese Words Book is priced at RM56.00. For more information, visit