Let’s go to space with KidZania Malaysia

Let your kids delve into the deep space this school holiday.
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Hands-on experiences 

Mr Shahrul, Ms Emma and Professor Emeritus Datuk Mazlan Othman having a go at making Galaxy Slime. Photo credit: KidZania

The Build a Windmill activity, on the other hand, will allow the children to learn more about wheel-and-axle machines. Meanwhile, Improving Playdough Process which introduce the children to concepts of liquids and solids will certainly enhance the creativity and discovery of young participants. Our aspiring space adventurers will also learn how to mould shapes of moons and planets in the Creative Tack-It Modelling activity.

The Making Galaxy Slime activity will get the children ready for chemistry, educating them more on the states of matter and how the composition of materials are made out of atoms and molecules. Similarly, the explorers will also learn about hydrophobic properties as they make their own moon sand in the Making Moon Sands activity.

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