Hang Out at Dome Cafe with Her World – Mother’s Day Special

What parents can do to help their children be brave.

In this special Mother’s Day episode of Hang Out at Dome Cafe with Her World, we chat with Daphne Iking, Joe (Daphne’s husband), Freda Liu and Racheal Kwacz about teaching our kids to be brave. Watch to see what we all share about being brave as parents too!

How we can help our children be brave

“Crying is just an emotion, it doesn’t mean you are not brave.” – Joe

“You can encourage your child to be resilient and brave by being a good role model.” – Daphne Iking

“There is strength in vulnerability, let’s not lose touch with that.” – Freda Liu

“Bravery is doing things that may npt be courages at the particular moment.” – Racheal Kwacz

“Create your own parenting style that suits your child’s personality.” – Eena Houzyama