Get Girls To Love Science At These Places

Encourage your girls to love science by learning about their favourite subjects at these places
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Due to commonly held stereotypes that science is more suitable for boys, many girls tend to shy away from having an interest in science. Depiction in media further propagates this belief. As most girls become influenced by gender-stereotyping in television shows, advertisements, magazines and even toy packaging, they find science to be boring. However, there is a way to get girls to love science, and that is by associating it with things that they love. And if your girl is like most girls, she must love animals.

Get Girls To Love Science Through Their Love For Animals

Take your girls (and your boys) to places where animals are the main attraction for your next family outing. This is your chance to explain to them how they can get careers working with animals. Think marine biologist, tiger behaviorist, dolphin expert, even environmentalist and paleontologist – these are all professions that need a strong background in science. So start them young by bringing them to visit the following places to boost their interest in science through their love for animals.

Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary, Pahang

Let them get up close with these magnificent beasts in a location close to their natural habitat. The centre provides information and education about elephants, including how they are struggling to survive as their homes are destroyed. A compassion for animals might pique your child’s interest in learning more about them.

get girls to love science

National Elephant Conservation Centre,

Lanchang, 28500, Pahang

Website: Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary

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