Discover how your way of parenting can affect your child's development.
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Think of how you interact, educate, and respond to your child’s needs and requests – not only will it affect your child’s psychological wellbeing, but it will determine how your child will function in society. For a clearer picture as to what different styles entail, Jolene Yeo, a neurotherapist at Spectrum of Life Integrative Wellness Centre, lists it down (for the full article on SOL, click here):

1. Authoritative Parenting

There is open communication, trust and acceptance along with encouragement when interacting with your child.

Ask yourself…

  • Does my child have to abide to structured rules in the house? E.g. a bedtime curfew
  • Are there consequences if my child breaks those rules?
  • Does my child understand my expectations I have for their behaviour and are these expectations reasonable?
  • Is my child able to talk to me about anything without fear of a negative reaction or being judged?

Your child may be…

  • Cheerful
  • Socially responsible
  • Self-reliant
  • Achievement-oriented
  • Cooperative with peers and adults
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