The First Locally-Scripted Disney TV Show Is Here!

Wave your wands and cast a spell with your loved ones!
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Ever thought you’ll see local kuih or the very impressive traditional Peranakan outfits on a Disney TV show? A few years ago, the answer would have been “no”. But now, it’s a reality.

Not only is Wizards of Warna Walk family-friendly, but it’s also very hilarious and educational. Doing magic in the middle of KL sounds like a dream come true to me! Here’s why I think you should watch this Disney TV show, especially with your kids.

First locally-scripted Disney TV show

Premiering during Merdeka month, this 14-episode fantasy-slash-comedy series is the first to be locally scripted by Disney Channel Southeast Asia. It chronicles the extraordinary experiences of a Malaysian family, who own a Peranakan kopitiam — Little Nyonyum — in Kuala Lumpur. To resonate with fellow Malaysians, a significant amount of local languages, cultural practices, Asian values, and even local folklore is incorporated into the show.

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