Five Reasons Your Kids Need to Watch Ola Bola The Musical

A musical that will warm the heart and spark a sense a love for Malaysia.

It’s back! Ola Bola the Musical opens at Istana Budaya today (18th Feb) and from what I’ve experienced last night, you do not want to miss this. Having watched the first staging last year, I was eager to see how the team at Enfiniti Academy would enhance the show. And let’s just say, I was blown away. Just in case you haven’t heard about Ola Bola the Musical, it is the stage adaptation of the film Ola Bola; which told the story of Malaysia’s national football team’s journey to qualify for the 1980 Moscow Olympics. When I watched it last year, I realised how much I learnt from the show, and insisted my kids joined me to watch the premiere. My son who is 15, and daughter, 11 walked out of the theater buzzing. When I asked them if more kids should come and watch the show? They both answered, “Yes!”  These five reasons listed below are shared by my two kids.


  1. Loyalty and Friendship: The story perfectly captured the essence of true friendship and camaraderie. No matter race or religion, all the teammates played the game with pride and passion. The multi-racial supporters and family members also strengthen the beauty of Malaysia’s many races who gathered and cheered in support of the sport.
  2. History :  There were many positive historical moments shared within the show. Not only did we learn more about the history of Malaysia’s national football team, but we also learnt about a few other national historical moments – be it in the entertainment, sports or political scene.
  3. Patriotism : The best thing about how the story is being told, is that it would trigger in you a sense of patriotism. I could not believe that my son shared with me that from watching the performance, it awakened in him how proud he felt to be Malaysian. This alone, for me, makes Ola Bola the Musical a must-watch.
  4. Interactive :  Be ready to be part of the action! We just loved how the show was inclusive. Audience members are encouraged to cheer along during the football matches. Join in the fun and enjoy the game as though you were sitting in Stadium Merdeka in the year 1980.
  5. Humour : Worry not about your kids getting fidgety and bored. Ola Bola the Musical infuses enough humour and drama to keep your children at the edge of their seats.  Oh, and there’s a lot of cool action and perfectly in sync dancing too that’ll surely keep them mesmerised.

Note to parents!

  • The show is about 2 and a half hours long (including a 15 minutes interval) so, please feed your kids beforehand. Be sure to use the toilet before the show begins too, because you won’t want to miss anything!
  • Food and drinks are not allowed in the theater, but you can leave your drink at the entrance before entering the main theater space. Ask the kind staff for a sticker to label your name. If your kid really needs a drink, you can always head to the entrance for a sip. But I personally do not encourage this.
  • Put your mobile phones away and enjoy this moment with your children. You can always do pictures before the show at the huge photo wall or after, with the performers.
  • Bring a shawl or sweater. It can get very cold in the theater and having a shawl with you will avoid your kids catching a cold while enjoying the show.
  • Have fun! Leave all your concerns at the door and just be present and immerse yourself in the story.

For ticket information and to learn more about the show, visit their website.