Extra-Gentle Bath and Body Care For Baby’s Skin

Babies may develop a myriad of skin conditions in their first few months, but worry not for Eubos Haut Ruhe is here to soothe and protect their skin.

When you touch a baby’s skin, you feel just how tender and fragile it is. Their skin is just one-fifths of the thickness of adult skin, because the skin structure is still underdeveloped. As a result, a baby’s skin is more prone to drying out, due to its limited barrier function. This also causes their skin to be especially sensitive to UV rays, as well as chemical, physical and microbial elements.

Haut Ruhe Bath Oil

This Bath Oil gently cleanses the dry and delicate skin of babies and children without leaving a greasy after-feel. It features a soothing blend of cupuaçu butter, olive oil and sweet almond oil to preserve the skin’s protective barrier, thus effectively protecting it from drying out. The relaxing scent of natural lavender oil soothes the child’s senses too.

Haut Ruhe Caring Oil

Made purely from plant extracts, such as jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, chia oil and plum kernel oil, the Caring Oil relieves itching caused by skin dryness and calms redness. Beneficial lipids supplied by the oil will help to maintain the skin’s barrier function to promote healthier skin.

Tip: Recommended by midwives as a massage oil to soothe nappy rash and heat rash.


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