5 Ways You Can Help Your Child Sleep Alone At Night

Practice these simple steps to get your child to sleep better at night.
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I’m tired

What’s wrong: He tells you he’s not tired and wants you to stay in his bed until he falls asleep.

How it shows: If your child is told that it’s time for bed but the rest of the family – especially older siblings- are still up and having fun watching videos or talking, your child may feel left out and not want to go to bed.

How you can help: Your job as a parent is to put your children to bed, not to make them go to sleep. Keep wake-up time consistent with an alarm clock. If a child can’t sleep, allow him or her to read in bed. Keep the room lights dim or off. Sit on your child’s bed or snuggle beside them and talk about whatever is on their mind but set limits – when you tell him it’s time to go, you really should go.

Text: Young Parents / Additional reporting : Natalya Molok

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