5 Ways You Can Help Your Child Sleep Alone At Night

Practice these simple steps to get your child to sleep better at night.
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I need a tuck-in

What’s wrong: After waking in the middle of the night, she can’t get back to sleep.

How it shows: You are fast asleep when you suddenly realize your young child is at your bedside, wide awake and afraid of being alone. She mumbles that she can’t get back to sleep and wants she wants to come in beside you.

How you can help: Take her back to bed, give her a cuddle, and then leave the room. Resist any temptation to give her food and drink and definitely don’t play a game with her. Your basic strategy should be to reassure your daughter and return her to her own bed, while making it clear that this is not a time for fun and games. Do this every single time she wakes during the night until she settles down.

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