5 Ways You Can Help Your Child Sleep Alone At Night

Practice these simple steps to get your child to sleep better at night.
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I’m Scared

What’s wrong: He’s afraid of the dark, and this makes him want to have company.

How it shows: Your little one refuses to let you put the bedroom light out and starts to cry when you try to switch it off. You may find that after you switch the light off, you hear him get out of the bed to click it back on again.

How you can help: There are several options. First, you can fit a dimmer switch to his bedroom light enabling you to gradually darken his room a little bit more each night. Second, you can have a night-light or glow-plug, which gives off a small amount of illumination all the time. Or you can sit with your child until he falls asleep – though that can soon turn into a habit that is hard to break.

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