5 Easy Ways to Make E-Learning More Effective

Give your child the tools to learn well from home.

E-learning is now the norm rather than the exception. Studying at home, aided by technology, may be challenging – but it’s also very timely. To ensure that your child gets the best experience, try these tips that make learning at home more effective for your child.

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Create a timetable

In school, your child’s activities are guided by a timetable – this is to help them recognise a routine. Clinical Professor Of Psychiatry And Behavioural Science, Jean M. Thomas, M.D., stated that children are sticklers for predictability because a reliable schedule helps them feel safe. It increases their sense of security because they know what’s coming next. At the same time, it helps them to master time-management skills.

An easy and effective way to set a routine is to create a timetable. If you don’t have a whiteboard at home, you can start with print-outs. To make a bigger timetable, print out a few copies in A4 size, then paste them together. You can make the timetable more interesting by adding colourful labels and stickers!

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