10 Ways To Stay Calm When Your Child Misbehaves

Control your anger (so you won't regret it later) the next time junior gets up to mischief.

When you sense your stress level and anger rising because your child misbehaves, don’t wait for the explosion point. Losing your temper is normal but don’t lash out in anger. Walk away and calm down with this countdown on anger management before taking action:

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2. Mend your ties

It’s never too late to rebuild your relationship with your kids. Frances recounts a case of an angry teenager whose outbursts were the result of his mother’s frequent scolding and high expectations. Eventually, the mother learnt to walk away from a heated situation and even changed the way she spoke to her son. Frances taught her to plan “dates” with her teen so that they could bond.

1. Get help

If you find yourself unable to cope, there’s no shame in seeing a counsellor or psychologist for expert help. Reshmi points out that as the stigma about mental health services is slowly lifting, experts are seeing more parents reaching out for help with parenting, and with issues that include their own anger management.

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