10 Cheap or Free Activities To Do With Your Child

How to spend quality time with the kiddos without spending a lot of money

Keep your child occupied and away from electronic gadgets by spending some time with them doing these cheap or free activities. Not only will this be an interesting lesson in frugality, you’ll be bonding with your child and creating happy memories they’ll look back upon fondly one day.

Main photo by Prostooleh – Freepik.com

1 Make Homemade One-Ingredient Ice Cream

Which child will not be delighted by the idea of making ice cream themselves? Get the recipe here for a yummy after-dinner treat the little one will take pride in making for the whole family.

2 Take A Photography Walk Together

Just bring your smartphone and snap photos of your neighbourhood, the city or a nearby green area such as a park or forest. Try to get as creative as possible and see the subjects in a new light on screen.

3 Plan Your Next Vacation

If you’ve already made plans on where to take your kids to during the next family holiday, get on the Internet together to see what might be interesting attractions they might want to visit at your next vacation spot. This will teach them research skills, planning and maybe even about famous landmarks and a little bit of history. They will also feel more excited and appreciated for having their opinions taken into account when planning a major family event.

4 Have A Picnic By The Beach Or Waterfall

If there is a beach or river near your home, pack up some sandwiches and juice and enjoy a picnic with your family.

5 Make Plans To Join A Fun Run And Train Together

It’s never too early to introduce your little one to a more active lifestyle. To ease them into it and make it part of your lifestyle, sign up for a Fun Run or a Kid’s Category during a marathon. You can then train together for the event by jogging at the nearby park ever day or week and keep fit.

6 Visit An Art Gallery

The Petronas Art Gallery at Suria KLCC is free to enter, as is the National Art GalleryThe Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery and Art Square, which sells art but there is absolutely no compulsion to purchase anything.

7 Attend An Art Workshop

Try your hand at batik painting at Ainna Artworks at Central Market, where you can also get a cheap personalised gift such as a mug or keychain with your names on it, and have fun giggling together at the Fish Spa, turning it into a full day outing. Next door, the Central Market Annexe sometimes host art installations and arts and crafts markets, especially on weekends, where you can find cute and quirky stuff for quite cheap.

If you have a bigger budget, you can also learn how to craft items to bring home at boutiques that host workshops such as at The Batik Boutique.

Also, be on the lookout for weekend events that incorporate workshops into their programs, like at Pendidikan Seni V.2, happening this 30 June and 1 July 2018. Even if you find the workshops a tad pricey, you can still have a good time looking at and shopping for quirky items from crafters and artisans offering their unique wares.

(Photo: Dreamcatcher Earring Workshop at Pendidikan Seni V.2)




8 Make The Perfect Cup Of Hot Chocolate

Stuck at home on a rainy day? Assuming you already have the ingredients in the kitchen, this is the perfect time to bond over making the perfect cup of hot chocolate and then having it together while catching a movie on Netflix.

9 Learn A New Language Together

There are so many free resources on the Internet and on the app stores these days, there’s no reason not to get started learning a new language. This will also benefit your child as they grow up in a more global world where people who speak multiple languages will have an advantage when it comes to working life as well as in life itself.

10 Have A Water Balloon Party

On a hot day, instead of cranking up the AC, how about setting up a table outside the house and preparing  a big jug of your favourite iced beverage, then filling up a bucket or two with water balloons for an epic water balloon fight? Trust us, it’s the distraction-from-gadgets activity your child has been waiting forever for!