1 in 5 Malaysian Children Below 5 Years Old Is Stunted

Help your child reach his or her optimal growth potential with PediaSure® OptiHEIGHT.

Stunting among Malaysian children is a matter that’s rarely discussed, but studies have shown that as many as one in five children in our country experience stunted growth. It’s not just about one being short; stunting can contribute towards an increased risk for chronic health conditions later in life1.

Proper Nutrition Is Key

Children in the critical growth stage – the first 5 years – need the right nutrients for physical and mental development. That’s why it’s important that they have a complete and balanced diet to prevent faltering growth, in order for them to reach their optimal height.

PediaSure® OptiHEIGHT’s improved formula now comes with Arginine, an amino acid that triggers the release of Growth Factors, together with Triple Protein Complex and 25 key nutrients to support longer bone growth2. It also has Natural Vitamin K2 to promote calcium transfer into bones, together with 25 key nutrients to support strong bone growth3.

It’s also fortified with Triple Protein Complex, Advanced Carbohydrate Blend, as well as Unique Lipid Profile and Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) (with DHA) to provide a balanced blend of all the essential nutrients scientifcally proven to be crucial for a child’s physical growth and mental development.

60% of children’s final height is achieved in the first five years of life4.

While genes play a role in determining height, 60%-80% of growth in the first 5 years of life is determined by other factors such as nutrition5.

PediaSure® comes in powder form in two flavours – vanilla and chocolate. It is available in five sizes: 600g, 850g and 1.2kg in both flavours; 1.6kg and 1.8kg in vanilla flavour. Available at all major pharmacies, supermarkets, hypermarkets and Chinese medical halls nationwide, as well as on Lazada and Shopee.


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