Why Raw Denim House Should Be In Your To-Watch List

If you're looking for bespoke denim jeans, they're your guy!
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A denim brand from our local scene? It’s not often that you get to see them around! Founded by three good friends in Besut, Terengganu, Raw Denim House (RDH) began in 2012. Started as a jeans alteration service and a thrift shop, the brand has evolved to be a full-fledged bespoke business with an international clientele. All with the start of a book on how to make jeans that one of the founders found in Kinokuniya.

The trio behind RDH. From right: Safuan, Aidil and Syukri.

“I have always been passionate about jeans especially the artisanal aspect of making jeans,” said one of the founding members, Safuan. “We focus on maintaining the originality of creating jeans by using vintage machines from the 1940s. We see this pursuit as a craft where each piece we create is unique and one of a kind and we want to retain the artisanal value of jeans making,”.

With references inspired by the militarian designs from World War I and II, RDH signature jeans are created raw without bleaching or washing, giving them a deep blue or indigo in colour. Besides that, customers are also able to send in their old denim garments — once enough in their inventory, RDH will reuse the materials to produce new merch and garments.

RDH takes pride in its products with attention to detail and pays homage to their identity and heritage. Their signature ‘cakar ayam’ arcuate on the back pockets of the jeans is a nod to the local myth on how Besut came to be a district in the state of Terengganu as their dogged pursuit of retaining the ‘original identity’.

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