What You Need To Know About Messaging Etiquette

Is it okay to emoji, and how do you leave a group? Find out here.
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Messaging etiquette does exist, and since we spend so much of time communicating via messaging, Facebook in partnership with international etiquette experts Debrett’s, has launched the very first formal guide on the etiquette of messaging – The Art of Digital Messaging: A Guide to Communication in the Digital Age.

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Debrett’s is a world renowned authority on etiquette training that boasts a heritage of 250 years, and the guide is informed by new consumer research that gauges what is – and is not – “acceptable” in modern forms of communication. From text stalking to ghosting and more, there are plenty of messaging faux pas that people should avoid making.

Here’s a summary of the guide.

We had some questions on this topic for Debrett’s etiquette expert, Katherine Lewis, and here’s what she told us about the various aspects of digital messaging:

What are the Dos and Don’ts when in group chats, and how do you leave a group?

Katherine: Group chats are a really easy way of communicating with friends and family over common interests, projects and goals, but there are some common etiquette pitfalls to avoid. Firstly and most importantly, remember to check who else is in the group to avoid any potentially embarrassing situations. Sending a message about a colleague at work only to find her sister is part of the group, is not only hurtful but is also awkward for everyone, not to mention bad for your own reputation and social standing.

It’s also never good manners to send more than one reply to a message when one will do. Multiple messages sent at once can look domineering and can be confusing as people late to the chat try to catch up. Constant notifications can also be distracting and annoying. Imagine leaving the chat for a few minutes and coming back to find there are dozens of new messages to read through.

It’s also important to be considerate and make sure you don’t leave a member of the group hanging. If someone has posted a message but no one has replied, a simple ‘like’ or emoji can help alleviate their awkwardness. If you’re the one no one has replied to, follow up the next day with a light-hearted “just checking in….”.

If you want to exit the group for whatever reason, give a brief but friendly explanation and then leave. There’s no need to wait around for replies.

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