This Home Self-Screening Programme Tests For COVID-19

You can now undergo a screening test for COVID-19 without having to leave home.

Image: Depositphotos

The most recent strain of coronavirus, or COVID-19, has left us all in anxious uncertainty as it continues to unfold across the world. By now, you would already be aware of the preventive steps you can take to reduce the risks. Some basic precautions include regular hand-washing, covering the mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing, as well as avoiding raw and under-cooked meat.

Due to how contagious the virus is, you’re advised to undergo screening for the virus if you think you’re at risk. The Qualitas COVID-19 Screening Programme is a home screening test launched by Qualitas, in collaboration with  DoctorOnCall and Clinipath, and endorsed by the MOH.

The test can be done without having to leave your home and hence, reduces the risk of infection.

Here’s how the test will be conducted:

Photo Credit: Qualitas

Step 1: Get in touch with a medical professional on DoctorOnCall

If you suspect that you may have contracted the COVID-19 virus, you can request to go through a consultation session with doctors who are able to provide professional advice and evaluate the need for COVIS-19 screening if one is determined to be at high-risk based on the MOH guidelines.

Step 2: Get Tested at Home

If one is determined as a high-risk patient, you will be advised to undergo a home screening. The sampling team will be deployed and collect samples for lab processing from your home. The test will be carried out by Clinipath and you will be able to receive your result verbally and via email within 24 hours.

Step 3:   If Tested Positive, What’s Next?

Fret not, the assigned doctor from Qualitas will provide you advice on the next steps for further management as per the MOH guidelines.