Stop Doing These 10 Things To Your Skin

Being more mindful of these little habits will help to improve the condition of your skin.
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6. Showering before removing makeup

Sometimes, we forget or try to multitask by removing our makeup in the shower. Washing your face with your makeup still on will force the makeup to sink deeper into the pores, causing blackheads and acne. To ensure that your skin is completely clean after removing your makeup, use an exfoliating toner to get rid of any residue before putting on your serum and moisturiser.

7. Giving DIY beauty a go

Natural ingredients can be great for the skin, but know where to draw the line, especially if you found the recipe on the internet. Always do a patch test first on your wrist before putting it on your face.

8. Using expired makeup or skincare

We know it’s bad but we still do it for various reason: “I’ve barely used it’, ‘it’s expensive’, or ‘it hasn’t done anything to my skin’. Using products past their best-by date may not cause noticeable effects to your skin now, but in long-term, they can be damaging and speed up the ageing process.

9. Leaving jars open

Each time you lift the lid on your jar of moisturiser, you’re exposing it to light and air, which causes it to become less effective. Cover it as soon as you pick up enough product (don’t wait until you’ve spread it over your skin),but to be safe, switch to one that comes in tube or pump bottle if you can.

10. Sloppy cleansing

It’s not enough to just randomly rub your skin to get the impurities off. The proper way is to move outwards from the centre of your face, all the while making tiny circular motions with your fingers. Also, always go upwards instead of pushing your skin downwards – got to fight gravity.

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