Stop Doing These 10 Things To Your Skin

Being more mindful of these little habits will help to improve the condition of your skin.
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Image: Depositphotos

1. Touching Your Face

Other than when you’re washing it, your face should be a no-touch zone. Bacteria from your fingers can transfer onto the face and lead to breakouts.

2. Skipping moisturiser

It’s a hot day and you know you’ll definitely sweat. Or your skin is oily, so applying moisturiser seems redundant when you want your complexion to stay matte. These reasons still do not justify cutting out an important step. If your skin’s oily or acne-prone, go for gel or gel-crème moisturizers as they’re lighter in texture.

3. Depending only on skincare

There’s more to good skin than using the right products. You could religiously apply a full range of skincare every morning and night, but if you constantly sleep late or eat fast food, your skin may not be at its best.

4. Applying products out of order

Always progress from thin to thick consistencies. Heavier textures will block those that are lighter from sinking into the skin, cancelling out the benefits of using that product.

5. Scrubbing too much

While it’s satisfying to slough away the dirt that accumulates throughout the day, doing it every time you’re in the shower is actually damaging to your skin. The rough tugging and rubbing motions will disrupt your skin’s condition – a gentler alternative is a purifying mask.

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