Review: This Quick Laser Treatment Is Ideal For Busy Women

Get your anti-acne facial treatment done in just 20 minutes!

One of the most common excuses I have when it comes to giving my face a mandatory ‘spring cleaning’ is always the abundance of errands, chores or meet-ups, leaving me with no choice but to keep pushing back my session – especially since most treatments take more than an hour. When I was told that the Novu Aesthetic Acne-Dote treatment – which helps to combat acne – is done in 20 minutes, it really sparked my curiosity. ‘Will it even be efficient?’ was my first thought.

P+ Phyto Laser

Image: Novu Aesthetics

Upon entering the room, the aesthetician cleansed my face while explaining the procedure, prepping both me and my skin. More often than not, when we hear the term ‘laser’, it brings fear, but the P+ Laser from Korea is a gentle process that exfoliates dead skin cells and unclogs pores. Much to my amazement, the P+ Laser also reduces pigmentation and aids acne recovery – one of the biggest issues I’m dealing with my skin. Although the laser stings a little, it’s not so uncomfortable that the skin goes numb.


Cica Ampoule Mask + High Pulse Light

Image: Novu Aesthetics

After the laser, my face was then covered with Korean Cica Ampoule Mask. Cica is not a foreign name to most beauty enthusiasts out there. Also known as ‘centella’ or ‘tiger grass’, it doesn’t only calm inflamed, sensitive and irritated skin but also speeds up acne healing.

To further eliminate the bacteria and toxins that cause acne, High Pulse Light was used. It’s a broad spectrum of light pulses of energy that can also control oil production, regenerate skin cells and promote collagen production.


Glimmer PDT + Cica Ampoule

Image: Novu Aesthetics

The last step of the process is what I would call the ‘Iron Man’ therapy. Glimmer Photodynamic Therapy is a light technology treatment that uses one of the four light wavelengths to treat different skin problems. My face was first covered by what looks like an Iron Man mask that’s cut into half, emitting blue light. This light suppresses sebaceous glands and prevents any skin infections. Yellow Glimmer PDT together with Korean Cica Ampoule was then applied on my face to reduce redness and soothe inflammation. To end the Novu Acne- Dote treatment, a layer of Protective Tri-Action Mousse is slathered on to lock in moisture and protect the skin from harmful UV rays.


Additional: Ion Infusion

Image: Novu Aesthetics

If you have another 20 minutes to spare, you can definitely try the Ion Fusion with Australian Kakadu Vitamin C Essence, which helps to lighten acne wounds and heal damaged skin.

My Verdict: While there were no immediate changes, I did notice a visible improvement on the second and third day. There was lightening of my acne scars, and less redness as well. It’s surprising how such a thorough treatment takes merely 20 minutes, and I would certainly recommend this to people like me who have acne-prone skin. What’s more, when it’s located in Sunway Pyramid, I can’t stress enough how convenient it is.